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Intercambio experience

What is Intercambio you might ask? Well, Intercambio is one highschool project of L.T.B Miguel de Cervantes and I.E.S. Pablo Neruda that involves sending some of their students to the other highschool for a week to experience their way of life and explore their country.

I have been involved in this project and my spanish friend is called Pablo. He was such am amazing host and a really good friend and i can say for sure that I had luck being paired with him in this programme. They all live in a "small" town called Leganés which is very close to Madrid.

We visited a lot of beautiful buildings aswell as M. de Cervantes's house in Madrid. Besides Madrid we also visited Toledo and Segovia, two astonishing cities that impressed all of us so much.

So far, we went to Spain and in aprox. two months it will be their turn to visit Romania, so I hope that they will be amazed by our country as we were of theirs. It was fun, it was awesome, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I am grateful that I got to meet so many warm-hearted people.


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