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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes in English (Made by Romanians)

It is expected that our Mother Tongue (MT) might interfere with language learning/language acquisition, and linguistic problems differ from one nation to another.

In the case of Romanians (or other speakers of a Romance language), there is a tendency to omit the subject in a sentence. Compare, for example:

I like Starbucks, even though is expensive.

To the Romanian Îmi place Starbucks, chiar dacă e scump.

A cursory glance is all you need; it’s obvious why the speaker keeps making that mistake. There is no actual need for repeated use of the subject in our Romanian subordinate clauses. It might sound forced. English, however, is radically different from our MT.

How do we correct that sample sentence?

Add the subject. Always -

I like Starbucks, even though it is expensive.

English sentences cannot function without it – that’s why you always have to use it if you want to continue talking about something and you decide against using the word again in its entirety. Same goes for human beings:

I like John…is a good friend!

Ouch, that sounded wrong. How do we correct it? Yes, always add the subject. In this case, a pronoun:

I like John…he is a good friend!

Common Mistakes in English (Made by Romanians, Right?)

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1 thought on “Common Mistakes

  1. Robert Lozinski

    Gracias Ambrosio por esta aclaración. Son observaciones muy importantes para cualquier rumano que aprende inglés. Son faltas comunes y repetibles que hay que corregir a tiempo.


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