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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a PC game.

245659_pcw_bEl juego está basado en un cuento de un informático que quiere robar 500,000$ de una cuenta bancaria.

He doesn't succeed, and him and his friend are catch by the police. After Adrian Pierce, the man who was inside the bank that they were trying to rob, gets out of prison, a man called Lucky Quinn who is controling the city hires an assassin to kill Adrian. But instead that man kills his wife and his nice.

Después de un año, Damian, su amigo, le obliga a Adrian volver a entrar en el juego y secuestró a su hermana. Adrian rechaza y Damian secuestró a su nieto.

Adrian make 2 new friends, also hakers, that helped him get to his nephew and to his sister. But for that , he had to do some crazy things like: going in a prison to get to a contact of Damian , getting in weapons fights or car chases.

El final del juego consiste en matar a Lucky Quinn and Damian.

When i played this game for the first time, it took me like 100 hours to finish it. It is an exiting game and i fully ejoyed it.

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