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World Of Tanks is a third person game. As the name suggests, the game is about tanks. All the tanks in the game are Second World War tanks .

En este juego hay 5 tipos de tanques: el "heavy tank", el "medium tank", el "light tank", los "tank destroyers"(TD) y artillería (SPG).

Para cada tipo de tanque hay un tipo de juego.

En este juego hay 10 niveles de tanques (1-10). Este nivel recibe una actualización.

Watch Dogs is a PC game.

245659_pcw_b El juego está basado en un cuento de un informático que quiere robar 500,000$ de una cuenta bancaria.

He doesn't succeed, and him and his friend are catch by the police. After Adrian Pierce, the man who was inside the bank that they were trying to rob, gets out of prison, a man called Lucky Quinn who is controling the city hires an assassin to kill Adrian. But instead that man kills his wife and his nice.

Después de un año, Damian, su amigo, le obliga a Adrian volver a entrar en el juego y secuestró a su hermana. Adrian rechaza y Damian secuestró a su nieto.

Adrian make 2 new friends, also hakers, that helped him get to his nephew and to his sister. But for that , he had to do some crazy things like: going in a prison to get to a contact of Damian , getting in weapons fights or car chases.

El final del juego consiste en matar a Lucky Quinn and Damian.

When i played this game for the first time, it took me like 100 hours to finish it. It is an exiting game and i fully ejoyed it.

League Of Legends es un game de estrategia multiplayer.

Tienes que coordinarte con tus compañeros de equipo. Everyone has to select his role: mid(witch is allmost always the mage or an assassin), top (que es casi siempre el tanque), jungle (witch allmost always es un asesino o un tanque) and the bot (que es un duo lane hecho de un support que es un tanque o un mago con high sustain skills and stuns and a ADC witch is a ranged champion; the ADC normaly does not have any escapes or stuns or slows but it can cause much damage )

El juego tiene tres fases: "the early game"; "the mid-game" ; and "the late game".

The Early Game

The early game es bastante simple: you have to farm (matar minions para ganar gold; a small minion gives you 16-22 gold and a big minion or a jungle monster gives you 35-60 gold); y es la mejor parte del juego para matar al enemigo: when he is weak and he doesn't have items (the items make you stronger deppending on your champion skills).

Si te mata un enemigo en the early game this will make him stronger and it could cause you to loose the lane ( your turret being destroyed).

The Mid Game

The Mid Game es la parte más interesante. Es la parte donde todos los jugadores son iguales (deppendig on their lanning faze).

The Mid Game es la mejor parte del juego porque is the time to pick up the most kills and really help your team.

The Mid Game se caracteriza así: todos los jugadores se reúnen en "the mid lane" para empezar "the teamfights".

The Late Game

The late game es la face más compiicada del game. It's the part where the feeded players dominate the game.

If you loose a teamfight in the late game you can loose the game because the players have more pushing power and your turrets go down very fast.

Eso es una corta presentación del juego League Of Legends.

Mi juego favorito es Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012. El principal objetivo es ser el más buscado conductor de coche. La acción pasa en Fairhaven, la ciudad de las carreras. Para subir de rango tienes que ganar 10 carreras con los conductores de coches más buscados del mundo. Para lograr tienes que buscar coches en todo el mapa. Después de encontrar tu coche favorito, que es bastante rápido, puedes tunearlo ganando las carreras. Cuando terminas tu coche puedes competir en una carrera con uno de los top 10 de los más buscados conductores. Si puedes ganar la carrera tienes que " shut him down" "para tomar su coche". Después puedes hacer lo mismo con el nuevo coche.

The best cars of the game:

Bugatti Veyron V12- It is the best car of the game witch hited the most records: for drifts and speed(395 km/h)

Marussia B2 - It's easy to control and it has a decent speed

Nissan GTR Egoist - It is very fast and easy to control

McLaren MP4-12C - A very fast car ,not very easy to control ,but fast and strong

Koenigsegg Agera R- Very fast , easy to control ,but not that strong...

Lamborghini Aventador - Ver fast car , capable to catch 300 km/h, but not that strong

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1- It is almost the same as Nissan GTR Egoist,but you can control it mutch easyer to control , but not that resistent

The game helps you know the cars better and it is very funny at some points , but it can get you very angree

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