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Green Day

Green Day is an American punk rock band from Oakland, California. Billie Joe Armstrong (singer), Mike Dirnt (bassist) and their drummer at that time John Kiffmeyer decided to form a band under the name Sweet Children. Kiffmeyer thought the band will not have too much success so he gave up on the band and he continued his studies. Sometimes I really wonder what are his thoughts about the mistake he made in the past. Later on Tre Cool joined the band as their new drummer and still is to this day. The album that first brought their success is Dookie, released in 1994 and later American Idiot (2004) which brought a new voice for the generation. Everyone knows at least one Green Day song, either one from the 90's like Basket Case, When I Come Around, Brain Stew, Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) or one from the beginning of 2000 like American Idiot, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams or 21 Guns. In 2012 they released three albums Uno, Dos and Tre (as in their drummer's name) and now they started working on a new one.



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