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Skillet is a rock band christian in Memphis Tennesse,U.S.A

The band was establisher in 1996.The band consists of husband and wife John and Korey Kooper,a long white Jen Ledger and Seth Morrison.The band has release 8 albums,2 of which were nominated for Grammy:Collide and Comatose.

Album Awake it was certified platinum and debuted on Nr. 2 in top Billboard 2000 and album Comatose it eas certified gold by RIAA.


GENRE:rock,hard rock

YEARS ACTIVE:1992 til new

MEMBERS:John Cooper,Korey Cooper,Jen Ledjer,Seth Morrison

DISCOGRAPHY:Invincible,Awake,Collide,Comatose,Alien Younth avatar_canal_mediumChitaritsul-Ben-Kasica-paraseste-Skillet1_763504524l

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