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Ozomatli (Spanglish 001)

Ozomatli (Spanglish 001)

First on our list is a band that treads that fine line between hip-hop and hispánico - Ozomatli.

Ozomatli 2012.jpg

The name comes from the god of fire and dance of the New World, y eso es precisamente lo que quiere representar. It’s fresh, it’s alive, es Spanglish.

Their self-titled ebut album is the ideal gateway into this world, Bronx meets barrio.

It starts off with a bang, the kind of jam one would expect during un fin de semana. Fumes, mosquitos, scorching hot weather, broken hydrants. This is it.

And then it gets even more interesting. Enter the Rapper.

This one mixes the styles of the previous two in a fiery cumba de los muertos, y todo eso en la misma canción. ¡Ay, ay!

The band is obviously big on social justice and activism, y por ese motivo their style is an extremely refreshing and vibrant mix of cultures in the name of Progress. ¡Qué personalidad!

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